Pope Francis recently encouraged the Roman Catholic people to turn to Mary if they were afraid of the devil. This whole gospel is all about Jesus Christ. He is the creator of all things. He is Word of God who was made flesh and who ultimately redeemed us with his blood, and yet the Pope is telling his followers to turn to Mary if they were afraid of the devil! The Lord Jesus Christ delivered me from the deception of  Roman Catholicism, along with it’s man made traditions that have been deceiving souls for centuries. The Roman Catholic Church has a distorted view of Mary, which most definitely is demonic at it’s very root. Every single apparition of Mary including Lourdes, Guadalupe and Fatima are from the dark side. It is absolutely incredible that so few Pastors speak out against this deceptive system. I am absolutely convinced now, that many people, professing Christians, including Television evangelists are on the road to destruction. (Hell) You cannot support a system such as Roman Catholicism with it’s false doctrines and claim to be walking in the Spirit. It is an absolute contradiction, and and insult to the Spirit of God. (Spirit of Truth) I used to pray the Rosary which is a set of beads laced together on a string, with a crucifix at the end of it. Each of those beads represent a prayer, most of which are ‘Hail Mary’s’. People will talk about praying to Jesus through Mary, and they will use slogans such as ,’God will never turn away his Mother!’ The praying of the Rosary is a central part in the life of ALL Roman Catholics. Here is an image of a set of Roman Catholic beads.

Roman Catholic Rosary Beads

Here is an excerpt from the Vatican Information Service of October 11, 2009 when Pope Benedict XVI was still the Pope.

VATICAN CITY, 11 OCT 2009 (VIS) – At the end of this morning’s Mass, during which he canonised five blesseds the Holy Father emerged into the atrium of the Vatican Basilica to pray the Angelus with thousands of faithful who had followed the ceremony from St. Peter’s Square. . .

The news Spanish saints . . . “honour the best religious traditions and the profound Christian roots of their people”, said the Holy Father.

He then invited Polish pilgrims to rejoice at their new saint, Zygmunt Szczesny Felinski, former archbishop of Warsaw, and entrusted to his protection “the Church of Poland, and the entire nation”.

“The Virgin Mary”, Pope Benedict concluded, “is the star that guides all journeys to sainthood. Her ‘fiat’ is the model of perfect adherence to the divine will, and her ‘Magnificat’ expresses the hymn of joy of the Church, which on earth already rejoices for the great works of God, and in heaven eternally praises His glory”.

The Vatican Information service report tells us that Pope Benedict XVI canonized five brand new saints. The only problem with that is that only God can make a saint, and a saint is any person who is a believer in Jesus Christ, who has been born again of the Spirit of the living God. The false doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and their saints, propagates the lie that a persons life, and their good works, may earn them the place of being a saint, and it is determined by their own man made tradition. The truth of the matter is this. A person can be an absolute wretch, and live an absolutely terrible life until he reaches the point where he realizes, his need of mercy and salvation in Jesus Christ. If that same person turns to Jesus Christ for salvation, in sincerity and truth, then they are as SAVED as any person who has ever followed Jesus Christ. Not only that, but that very same person is also a TRUE BIBLICAL SAINT in the eyes of Almighty God, and that is the only thing that matters. The Pope also entrusted the Church of Poland, and the entire nation to their ‘new saint’  former archbishop of Warsaw. Did the Pope entrust the nation to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? No he entrusted the entire nation to a man who Rome has deemed worthy of ‘sainthood’, and people can begin interceding to him immediately!

This brings to memory the very last letter of the late Pope John Paul II, dated April 1, 2005, the very day before his death. The Pope entrusted the care of Poland to the Black Madonna.  In Pope John Paul II’s last letter dated April 1, 2005. the late Pope sent two crowns, as gifts to the icon of the Black Madonna. The letter said this: “I entrust our homeland, the whole Church and myself to her maternal protection” At the end of the letter the Pope added the following: “Totus Tuus! – All Yours”

Many people are unaware that the Pope had the following phrase sewed into the robes which he wore “Totus Tuus Sum Maria” which is translated “Mary I am all yours!” If you are a true Bible believing Christian your heart should weep, but more than that it should revolt against the compromisers who are all over the airwaves, and the tens of thousands of  mealy mouthed Pastors who remain silent. Below is an image of the late Pope John Paul II’s coat of arms. Do you see the letter “M” in the lower right hand corner? That  letter “M” represents MARY to whom the Pope was fully dedicated. Remember the late Pope John Paul II’s motto: “Totus Tuus Sum Maria” which is translated “Mary I am all yours!”

Papal Coat of Arms of Pope John Paul II

A man once told the late great William Tyndale the following”  “We were better to be without God’s laws then the Popes” 

William Tyndale responded by saying the following:

“I defy the Pope and all his laws; and added, that if God spared him life ere many years he would cause a boy that driveth the plough, to know more of the scriptures than he did.”  [FOXE’S BOOK OF MARTYRS By John Foxe, 138-139, Published By Whitaker House]

William Tyndale

William Tyndale was executed by the Roman Catholic system because of his stand against their counterfeit teachings. William Tyndale was just one of many millions who was murdered by the counterfeit Christian church of Rome. Right before Tyndale was put to death he prayed that the Lord would open the King of England’s eyes.

The Murder of William Tyndale by the Roman Catholic system.

I don’t know about you but the faith of William Tyndale and his bold stand against the wicked church of Rome stirs my soul. Hallelujah to the Lamb! Keep in mind that the church of Rome still teaches the exact same things today that they did back then when they murdered millions of true Christians such as William Tyndale. It is simply mind-boggling that those people who participated in the murder of William Tyndale and millions of others could possibly think that they were children of God and servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their actions were actually a fulfillment of the following words of Jesus Christ regarding those people who would kill the true servants of the Lord, and think that they were serving the Lord himself! Those words were primarily for the Jewish people who disdained the Lord Jesus Christ and his followers but they certainly apply here also!

“These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever KILLETH YOU will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have NOT known the FATHER, nor ME.”  (John 16:1-3)