The Pagan Easter Holiday vs Jesus the Passover Lamb Who Rose From the Dead!

In shopping malls across the USA, that large throne where Santa Claus sat is still warm, and the Easter Bunny has already moved in and taken up shop. I walked through a couple of different malls recently and I watched as the people waited on long lines to have their photos taken with a bespectacled Easter Bunny with large round glasses. I wondered who the person was behind those Easter Bunny costumes, one which looked like it had seen better days, and probably could have used a good dry cleaning. Is it not interesting how the resurrection of Jesus Christ got somehow entangled with all of this pagan nonsense? How did this so called Christian holiday called “Easter Sunday” became mixed up with such silly stuff like chocolate Easter Bunnies, jelly beans and colored eggs? What does all of that stuff have to do with Jesus Christ anyway? Well the answer to that question is that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with those things at all. I will not go into the pagan origins of that nonsense because there is a voluminous amount of material available online, and probably in your local library, if you are truly interested.

Have you ever wondered why the so called “Christian” holiday known as “Easter” is celebrated around the same time as the Jewish Passover? Well to tell you the truth the reason they are celebrated at the same time of year is because there is an absolute connection between the Jewish Passover and the day known as “Easter” or “Resurrection Sunday.” I am going to show you that this whole thing about Easter Bunny and all the silly stuff that goes along with it, is nothing more than a demonic distraction, meant to take your eyes off of what Jesus Christ has done. It has been going on for many decades now and few ever seem to notice that they are being deceived.

Satan is the master of deception, and he absolutely hates everything about Jesus Christ, including his very name. It is no coincidence that the Jewish Passover holiday falls around the same time as the so called Christian holiday called Easter. Growing up as a Roman Catholic I had no idea, that there was any tie between the Passover and Easter. My thinking was always that the Jewish people had their holidays, and we had our own. Easter to me was mainly “Easter baskets” filled with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, and the fake green grass inside the basket. The candy would be devoured in no time, and then it was wait until next year after that.

I write to you today as a former Roman Catholic who has had my spiritual eyes opened up. I speak out against the gross deception of the Roman Catholic church, because the Spirit of God compels me to do so. Satan is so clever in his ways, and he continues to deceive  souls at an alarming rate, considering the fact that so many Evangelical Christian leaders speak about Jesus Christ and Revival on the one hand, and then join hands with the cult of Rome on the other hand. Are those “Christian” leaders and pastors deceived? Of course they are, but you will have a difficult time convincing them of that. The Spirit of God must open their eyes, but they must allow the Spirit to open the scriptures to them. I know that the word of God is going to stand in the end, so it is impossible for a false gospel to stand when the scriptures speak so clearly against it.

The best way to combat Satan and his lies is to simply preach the word of God, and that is exactly what Jesus did when the Devil came after him. Jesus quoted the word of God back to the Devil and he preceded the scriptures with the words “It is written”

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Some refer to the Catholic teaching of Transusbstantiation as “hocus pocus” and rightly so, but it is a teaching that is believed by millions upon millions to this very day. This is certainly not a light thing because we are talking about a Roman Catholic priest being given the ability, to bring the eternal Son of God (whole and entire) back down on their Catholic altars to be ingested by their parishioners! In this article I will be taking a look at the Roman Catholic teaching regarding transubstantiation, and compare it with the scriptures to prove that it is indeed a hoax.

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