The late Keith Green was one of the few people who had the spiritual fortitude (backbone) to speak up and write against the system that we know as Roman Catholicism. It is absolutely incredible when you take a look at the modern day “Church” and see how the “church of Rome” has become accepted as just another branch of Christianity, when nothing could be further from the truth. Here is an excerpt from Keith Green’s “Catholic Chronicles” which he published before his death:

It is obvious by even this brief glimpse into the doctrines of mortal and venial sins, confession, penance, and purgatory, that the Roman Catholic Church has constructed one of the most unbiblical doctrinal systems that has ever been considered “Christian”. The fear, anguish, and religious bondage that such a system of “reward and punishment” creates, has tormented millions of lives for centuries, and continues to prey on those who are ignorant of the biblical way of salvation.

To merely call such a system “a cult”, would be to throw it into the vast category of religions and quasi-religions that are currently making the rounds of our college campuses and city streets, snatching up many an unsuspecting youth. No, the Roman Church is not a cult. It’s an empire! [Keith Green, The Catholic Chronicles]

What powerful words brother Keith shared with us there. Keith let us know that only a brief glimpse was needed to discern that the system of the Roman Catholic Church was “one of the most unbiblical doctrinal systems that has ever been considered Christian” We must ask ourselves the question, where are the voices of the “anointed” men and women of God today, who would dare to do the same? The Roman Catholic Charismatic movement was another tool and crafty way that the enemy of our souls has entered into the mainstream church. I am a former Roman Catholic, and I also became involved in the Catholic Charismatic movement for a few years. Most Christians have no idea that the Catholic Charismatic movement people are still Roman Catholic to the very core, and they still believe and adhere to the false doctrines of that church. Some of those false doctrines include the “sacrifice of the Mass” where they believe that the Mass “satisfies the justice of God for sins committed against him”  [Baltimore Catechism] Folks that is absolute heresy, but you will not hear about that in most churches (especially those non-denominational, or inter-denominational ones). There are many pastors and ministry leaders, who know that Rome preaches a false gospel, but they refrain from making waves. Why? Because many of the “big name” preachers and evangelists (their friends) have been dancing with Rome for years, and they do not want to rock the boat. Many of those leaders are more selfishly concerned about preserving their own “legacy,” than they are about the precious unsaved Catholic souls, who are on their way to HELL. How many might have been saved had they boldly stood against Rome! That is just the way the devil’s seduction works. The devil comes along with his false teachings, and enters a church anyway that he can. Once he is inside a church, he injects the leaven of the false gospel until it is accepted by all. Let’s hear some more from brother Keith Green:

I know that many will not be convinced or moved by this article (or any of the others) to make such a conclusion. They are impressed by what they’ve heard about recent stirrings among the Catholics in the “charismatic renewal”. Many evangelicals (especially Charismatics) have been thrilled by the reports of Catholics speaking in tongues, dancing in the Spirit, having nights of joy and praise, even attending “charismatic masses”.

Mouths that used to speak out boldly against the Church of Rome have been quieted by the times. It no longer is in vogue to speak of the pope as “the antichrist” or the Catholic Church as the “whore of Babylon”. Now Protestants unwittingly believe that “our differences are not so great”. Ah, that is just what She needs us to think! [Keith Green, The Catholic Chronicles]

Brother Keith explained it so well, and my spirit bears witness to what he wrote there. I came through the Catholic Charismatic movement, and my worship of Mary actually increased. I became more religious than ever, after I heard about the “appearances (apparitions) of Mary” over in Medugorje, Yugoslavia. I was amazed, and my wife Cathy and I began to tell others about what was happening over there. We used to purchase videos about Medugorje, and we invited people to watch them over at our home. But I thank God that the Lord saw what was happening in our lives, and that he had pity on our wretched souls. You see my wife Cathy was sharing about some of this stuff with a Christian woman that she had met, and the woman quoted a scripture to her, which left her very uneasy, and here is that scripture:

And no marvel; for SATAN himself is transformed into an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14)

Cathy began to search the scriptures, and the “fire within her heart” was set ablaze and over a period of a few weeks, she came up with a flood of scriptures that contradicted the “messages” that were coming forth from the “apparition of Mary” over in Medugorje, Yugoslavia. She became absolutely convinced that the apparitions were not from God, and she started to show me what the Lord had shown her. But at that time I would not listen to her, and every time she would bring it up, I told her that I did not want to talk about it. That went on for several weeks until one day she came to me in tears, sharing the scriptures with me, and something inside me caused me to listen to her. I told her that I would search it out myself, which I did, and then one day the Lord turned my spiritual lights on. You see, I did not realize that Satan actually had me in his demonic headlock (my whole life until that point). I was on my way to HELL folks, and I did not even know it. I am not trying to be flowery here, and I can tell you as much as I knew that the Lord Jesus Christ was so REAL, I also knew instantly that the Devil was REAL and ever so wicked. I knew INSTANTLY that there were millions of others who were just as deceived as I had been only moments before! I was absolutely taken aback at how wicked Satan was to keep such precious souls in darkness, and I truly appreciated Jesus Christ and what He had done for us. How did I attain this knowledge so quickly? It was simply the Holy Spirit opening my spiritual eyes to something I could not “see” in the flesh! All the GLORY goes to God almighty for the great things He has done!

Cathy and I both knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that not only were the apparitions of Medugorje bogus and counterfeit, but so were all the rest of the “appearances of Mary” including Fatima , Lourdes and Guadalupe! That is the reason that I speak, and write the way I do. How can I, or any other former Roman Catholic person remain silent and declare that they “love the Lord” and not warn their lost family and friends? How can I say that I love them and not tell them that there is no such place as Purgatory, and that there is no need for the sacrifice of the Mass, because Jesus paid the price in full for us already! I am in full agreement with Leonard Ravenhill in his assessment of the Roman Catholic Church:

“These priests who dope mens souls, these idolatrous “masses,”these Calvary eclipsing prayers to Mary, these miserable millions cheated in life and in death by the greatest forgery Lucifer ever made.” (Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill, Bethany House Publishers, 1988, Copyright 1959)

Considering the fact that the false doctrines of Rome have not changed, then why has the church remained silent for so long? Billy Graham actually removed the warnings about Rome from his crusade edition of “Halleys Bible Handbook”! Not to mention the late Chuck Colson, and the ECT (Evangelicals And Catholics Together) agreement of 1994. Truly we are living in perilous times! My conscience is clear, and the Holy Spirit is refreshing me every day. I have shared the word that the Lord has put on my heart, and I pray that you will take it to heart also! Let’s close with another excerpt from  the “Catholic Chronicles” by brother Keith Green:

I’ve never completely understood why God led me to write these articles. But it becomes more clear with each day of study, and each page of research. Never has something so black and wicked, gotten away with appearing so holy and mysteriously beautiful . . . for so long!

[Keith Green, The Catholic Chronicles]

Now the SPIRIT speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; (1 Timothy 4:1)